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What makes us different?
LB Capital Limited operate in all subsectors of Energy, Infrastructure and Resources, such as Oil & Gas Infrastructure, Power & Utilities (Generation & Infrastructure), Renewable Energy, Mining, Construction, Engineering and Transportation, including specialist subsectors of Infrastructure such as Marine Infrastructure, as well as sea ports and railways.

LB Capital is capable of executing projects on the ground in their construction stages, pursue JVs and take equity ownership in projects together with LBC Energy's clients or independently. Together with LBC Energy we work with professional clients such as corporate clients and governments, as well as a range of financial institutions including private equities and sovereign wealth funds.

We are also actively pursuing restructuring opportunities, where our unique combination of financial prowess and access to funds, coupled with our technical expertise and operational and managerial capabilities provide all-encompassing solutions for our funds and our financial partners participating in the funds.

Ahead of the 2nd Belt and Road

Forum to be

held in Beijing in April 2019


CGTN, 21 March 2019



Our services
Our particular forte is our unique combination of technical prowess and access to funds. Our financial capabilities coupled with our technical, operational and managerial capacities provide all-encompassing solutions for our funds and our financial partners.

Our offering therefore delivers particularly attractive value-added to state-owned clients in large infrastructure projects, along the Belt and Road Initiative. Separately, we also take ownership in privately-funded projects.

LB Capital’s JVs with construction companies engage in the following projects:
• Transportation Infrastructure: roads, railways, airports
• Building construction: turnkey construction, industrial facilities
• Civil engineering: bridges, dams, hydraulic asphalt engineering