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Cutting edge E&P-focused advisory firm based in London since 2008,
we provide pure advice untainted by the conflicts inherent in multi-product investment banks,
producing superior value to result-oriented clients

  • LBC UK North Sea and UK Shale Gas Seminar 2014
    18 September 2014
    Please note further details at:
  • Given the current economic uncertainties in Europe...
    Drillers and Dealers, Volum 3, Issue 2
    July 2012 Edition, The Oil Council
  • RBIS 2011, New York Stock Exchange Center
    Energy Panel
    Russia Business and Investment Summit 2011
    27th - 28th of October 2011 New York
  • Risk / Reward Matrix of Caspian Exploration & Production
    Drillers and Dealers, February 2011, The Oil Council
    15th of February 2011 London
  • Expected M&A Activity and Crude Oil Flows
    Platts 3rd Annual Crude Oil Conference
    27th - 28th of May 2010 London
  • CEE Energy 2009 Chairwoman’s Address
    CEE Energy 2009
    24th - 25th of September 2009 Istanbul
What makes us different?
LBC Energy Advisory group provides cutting edge strategic advisory services primarily on M&A (mergers and acquisitions) and divestiture transactions. We serve corporate clients and governments, as well as a range of financial institutions including private equities and sovereign wealth funds.

We were founded on the belief that a private and independent advisory firm that offers pure advice, untainted by the conflicts inherent in multi-product investment banks, offers superior value to sophisticated and result-oriented sector clients. With no lending and trading conflicts, LBC Energy’s fundamental focus, our comparative advantage, is in valuing our long-term client relationships by delivering high-impact advisory services based on specialist experience, uncompromising integrity and continuity of personnel. Based on long-standing relationships with senior executives in the sector, and free from the conflicts that can restrict bulge-bracket advice, we believe in truly independent advice in the boardroom.

In addition to independence, our distinct advantage is our singular sector specialisation in Oil & Gas that makes us better positioned to recruit and train the most talented amongst sector-competent M&A advisers, from Analyst and Associate staff to Managing Director levels. Since inception, our model has evolved in response to the industry’s increasing demand for a more thoughtful and sophisticated approach to portfolio optimization, capital re-deployment, and careful investing. As a result, our track record of delivering value for clients and our unique combination of skills has quickly developed a stream of a plethora of mandates from sophisticated clients looking to achieve superior results in the current market conditions.
Our services
A single-minded commitment to Energy and Resources has enabled us to deliver the highest level of support, service and value-added advice to projects and clients that require more detailed attention that is unattainable by universal investment banks. We advise on:
• Corporate and Asset Level Acquisitions
• Asset divestitures
• Exit strategies and company sales
• Joint Venture structuring and execution
• Oil & Gas farm-outs and farm-ins